Saturday, 7 September 2013


I have very recently just come back from Thailand and thought I would share the experience with you. It was an incredible holiday and I would recommend it to anyone. At first I was sceptical due to films such as the Hangover 2 showing Thailand as this crazy place, but it honestly wasn't like that at all. I stayed in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Koi Samui. Each place was very different and very beautiful.

Bangkok is very very busy, worse than London! I stayed in the heart of Bangkok for 3 nights and although busy it had some beautiful sights. My favourite parts of Bangkok were the temples. Thailand has many temples, but its most popular and luxurious is the Grand Palace in Bangkok and this did not disappoint. A breathtakingly beautiful temple that is a must see.

Chiang Mai
The next place I stayed was Chiang Mai, I was here for 4 nights and this was completely opposite to Bangkok. Chiang Mai was a lot more rural as you were in the mountains and the forest. Chiang Mai was probably my favourite place in Thailand as there was so much to do. Here I did a variety of activities such as riding elephants, visiting a village where the people had the stretching rings around their neck, getting a cage with tigers, zip wiring 300m 60 ft in the air, jungle trekking, abseiling and visiting the zoo. As well as the activities in the day Chiang Mai came alive at night and there were a variety of night markets which sold everything you can think of at low prices if you bartered right. Below are some photos taken of my time in Chiang Mai.

Koi Samui
The final place I stayed was Koi Samui and I was here for a week. This again is a completely different side to Thailand as it is on an island and extremely relaxing. I stayed in a spa resort here which had it's own private beach, spa, infinity pool and to top it off my own Jacuzzi on my balcony. The shopping and town comes alive at night and the bars and restaurants are very good in the central villages. Lamai in particular is a great place to go at night and on Sundays they have a great night market. The beaches here are beautiful and it was the perfect way to top off a fantastic and once in a lifetime holiday.

If you have any questions about Thailand feel free to ask.

Cya x


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