Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Thing's I've Been Loving This Month

Hello lovelies,

Well hasn't it just been forever seen I've written a post! Things have been very busy recently but I thought I would share with you some thing's I have been loving this month.

Let me know if you have also been loving any of these as well. Enjoy!

Oribe Dry Texturising Spray
Now if you're not new to my blog, you will know I used to have very long hair and found this very hard to style. I have recently had my hair cut into a middle parting, with a lot more layers so find it much easier to style.

This spray didn't work so well on my long hair as it was all one length, so therefore didn't give me much style. However, with my hair hair it makes SUCH a difference. I now use this EVERYDAY without fail.

I have never been a huge jewellery wearer, but recently I've got really into rings, especially big statement ones. Here is a photo of a few of my rings.

I wouldn't recommend wearing them all together.. 

Game Of Thrones
I LOVE THIS SHOW. Now ordinarily this sounds like something I would hate but it's incredible. What I love about this show is the characters, every one of them has a hidden depth and qualities you either love or love to hate.

Who's your favourite character? I love Arya!


Fairy Lights
I've been doing a bit of redecorating lately and went on a spur of buying lots of fairy lights. These ones from my fireplace are white wicker hearts and are so adorable! They really add something and look so beautiful all lit up.

The one's I have around my mirror, I have since taken down as it looked too much like a dressing room mirror. What do you think?

So, what have you been loving this month?

Are you a Game Of Thrones Fan?

Cya x

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