Friday, 27 September 2013

Friday's Viral Video

As you may know, I love a good Viral Video and this one does not disappoint. I don't know how I haven't seen this advert until this week, and some of you may already have seen it, but if you haven't I highly recommend you watching it. This advert for 'True Move H' is just beautiful and very touching. The story follows how an act of kindness can have an effect many years later. It is a very emotional advert, so get your tissues out if you are going to watch it, with the last line reading 'Giving is the best communication.'

The advert was an instant success and it has already been viewed over 12 million times on YouTube, with numerous articles and tweets about the infamous tearjerking video.

Anyway I am going to stop talking now and just let the advert speak for itself. Below I will be posting links which talk further about the advert. Enoy!

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Posted: Sept 11, 2013

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Social Media Week

On Monday, I was lucky enough to go to Social Media Week's Opening Party. If you don't know what Social Media Week is, it is a week long event which takes place around the world, holding events, guest talks and lectures revolving the world of social media. For more information, check out their website HERE. The opening party is a great way to get a flavour for the week and a fantastic chance to network so I was very excited to go. For all of you that couldn't make it, I will be including photos of the night, so you all can see.

The first thing that took me by surprise was the giant red carpet outside we had to walk down! As well as this, around 20 photographers were snapping my photograph! I didn't have a clue where to look it was very surreal, but what a fantastic welcome. Upon entering there was also a lobster van which was serving various food throughout the night that went as quickly as you could even say the word lobster.

The inside of the party was decorated beautifully and the lights and effects around the room did look really good. As you can see from my photos, it was quite dark but there were a lot of strobe lights which heightened the atmosphere.

The night itself was good, there were various stalls and stands showcasing brands, but by far the best was the Duck DJ stall. When the ducks and blocks moved around the square, the beat changed and it was almost like a DJ deck. Very fascinating.

At the party there was also a great graffiti battle in which a white blank wall was covered in graffiti, it was great to see this progress and it was done only using a pen, great to see! Although I don't know what the image on the left is meant to be, eggs?

As well as this there were Nokia stands, lots and cupcakes and blue wine. The Nokia stands were showing the various new Nokia phones, which had some great new features and the cupcakes even had Nokia logos printed on them. To top this off and promote Nokia just that little bit more, the wine was blue, blue wine!

Overall I had a good night, although I would suggest more hubs next time, apart from networking there wasn't as many stands or focal points as I imagined there would be. It was a great event and I can't wait to keep updated on the rest of Social Media Week. If you would like to keep updated with Tweets about Social Media Week, take a look at their Twitter page HERE.

Cya x

Monday, 23 September 2013

Office Interior Design

I recently tweeted about this subject as I find interior design fascinating and believe a well designed office can boost inspiration and imagination. My office is currently going through some renovations so I was researching into some interesting office designs and stumbled on some amazing ones! Some of the creative agencies around the world have the best interior design I have ever seen, so I thought I would share some of my favourites with you.

The way they are designed and the thought process that must have gone behind them is amazing, I would love the be inside the designers mind. Most of my examples are advertising agencies. I would personally love to work somewhere that was designed somewhere like this, I think it would boost my creativity, I could just look up at the ceiling and an idea could pop into my head. I also think a nice office makes a better working place, and therefore you will enjoy coming to work even more. If you don't already enjoy going to work, maybe you are in the wrong career! I know it is not everyone's cup of tea but I would always be in amazement and never want to leave the office! Below are some of my favourite examples I have found of office designs around the world. Hope you enjoy them!

Google Headquarters London
Google Headquarters London
JWT Amsterdam
NPIRE Germany
Jakarta Advertising
Mother London
Leo Burnett 
TBWA New York

These are some of my favourites but I'm sure there are plenty more out there so if you see any make sure to Tweet me or leave me a comment with your favourites.

Cya x

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Cinema Advertising

Now, this may be a surprise to some people but I love Cinema Advertising, always have, always will. I believe this is a very underrated advertising platform as I think it is potentially one of the most powerful. I am definitely one of those people who will get to the cinema early or run if I am late so I can catch the adverts. By cinema advertising I do not mean the regular adverts which are shown on TV as well, I mean the specific adverts which have been made for cinema. Therefore I do not mean the horrendous phone adverts before each film, or the 10 car adverts you will see, but the adverts made only for cinema, that use special effects and you won't see anywhere else. Although I work in digital advertising and I agree this is the most upcoming and shows the most potential of the moment you cannot fault the power a cinema advert can have on you. Below I will be talking you through some of the reasons I find it so interesting.

It Gets Your Attention
Think of a cinema. A large dark space, a single focus point and silence. There couldn't be a more perfect way to attract your audiences' attention. Not to mention you will not only be getting the attention of one person, but a mass amount of people who have been squeezed into that one space. Once the advert is playing there is no distraction as there is only one focal point in the whole room. For however long your advert is, you will have their undivided attention and focus. There will be no other noise as someone will most likely shush anyone who talks, and you will not notice the people finding their seats as it will be dark, unless you are one of those people who put their phone on the highest brightness setting to find your seat. 

Once it has grabbed your attention, it will become a very personal message. Everything in a cinema advert is heightened, sound and size are magnified and it almost becomes an advert which is directed at you because of the scale of it. Although it may seem overwhelming, it could be seen as someone almost reaching out and speaking to you because you feel as if you are the only person in the room, making the advert just for you. Because it is dark, you can sometimes feel like you are the only one there, unless of course you are in front of the kid throwing popcorn. This type of direct messaging can sometimes be the most effective and the message of the advert is more likely to stay with you if you feel it is personal. 

Cinema advertising has the potential to have incredible effects, ones that regular TV advertising doesn't. For one the sound of a cinema advert will be a lot better. It has the potential to be played out of different speakers at different times to target various parts of the cinema to keep you entertained and interested. The lights and colours of cinema adverts will also be bigger and bolder as the screen is so large and it is a dark room. Everything will be heightened and seem so much better than a regular advert. A good cinema advert done well has the potential to be fantastic and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

I remember a specific advert- A Radio 1 Cinema Advert, and it stuck in my head throughout the film. I was amazed by the sounds and visuals and being a radio advert this was very important. I remember coming out of the cinema and thinking more of the advert than the film, and that's saying something. A good cinema advert will be unique, you will only see it in the cinema so it will have a lasting effect on you as you will not be constantly reminded of it. This could either be a positive or a negative, a positive in that it is unique to cinema and it will always be that special experience, or negative in that you will never be reminded of it.

Specific Audience
This platform can be extremely targeting. You as an advertiser know exactly what time of person will be in that cinema, roughly what age range, whether they will be with their group of friends or partner depending on the movie type, what type of person they are depending on the genre and how many people you will be targeting due to ticket sales. Targeting and showing your advert to a bunch of people who are more likely to take note and be interested by it is extremely important and by doing this in a cinema it will be so personal and powerful. You can also potentially measure the effect of the advert, by and call to action or increased website activity after the film has been shown.

I believe that cinema advertising also has a lot of potential. Understandably at the moment it is just sound, lighting and the scale of the advert which give it the wow factor. However, maybe one day we could see cinema advertising becoming interactive, the more 3D films that are coming out leaves great potential for 3D cinema adverts, which would be incredible and visually beautiful. Other effects which could have potential could involve wind of water machines like in some interactive theatres currently, thought not everyones taste, this type of advertising may have to be suited to a specific audience and film.

The video below is the Radio 1 Cinema Advert I talked about earlier. This is the first cinema advert I remember thinking how good the effects were. The advert itself is showing the different DJ's on the radio, and in itself that seems a quite long winded and boring job to do. The advert though, being put in cinema sounded incredible, all the different voices echoed through the cinema, and the constant light changing and colourful lines was visually great. This is actually the first time I have watched it back since seeing it in the cinema many years ago and it is so weird watching it back. I didn't remember the advert actually being that long, so in the cinema I must have been so entranced I kept watching. Obviously on a YouTube video it is not going to look the same as it would on the big screen, but try and use your imagination and picture this in the cinema.

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The next advert is a Lego Cinema Advert, which is aimed at children. The advert is perfect for a children's film as it will entertain and amaze them. The advert is set up as if the lego people are in a cinema as well which will attract the children and make the lego people seem real to them. It is also cleverly done because parents will most likely take their children to the cinema, and after seeing this advert they will ask their parents for the lego city harbour. 

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Posted: Aug 12, 2011

Now, I'm not sure if this was released in Cinemas, but researching Cinema Adverts, I stumbled upon it and remember being so amused when it first came out last year. It  also involves a cinema, which it somewhat topical, so I thought I would share it with you.

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Posted: Sept 22, 2011

So, that's it. My reasons for loving Cinema Advertising. I know that was a bit of a ramble, and I commend you if you are reading this now! Next time you are in a Cinema, try and spot the adverts which have been made specifically for Cinema and see if you think they have utilised this medium to its best potential. And for all you people who skip the Cinema adverts, you're missing out!

Cya x

Monday, 16 September 2013


Hello Lovelies, Since it's Monday I thought I would share something with you which will hopefully make you smile. Whilst in Thailand this summer I was lucky enough to be in one of the few countries where you can see Pandas, so it was a must! I saw the pandas in Chiang Mai Zoo and they were definitely the main attraction, we had to pay extra to see them, but it was so worth it. As I understand not everyone will be able to see a panda in their life and it was such a rare opportunity, I thought I would share the experience and photos I captured when I saw them.

There were 2 pandas in the enclosure and it was a very large and open space for them to wonder around and play in. One of the pandas was inside, whilst the other was outside playing with a giant ice cube because of the humid temperature. I was very lucky to see them and so glad I got to experience it. As I am aware not everyone will see a panda in their lifetime, these pictures may bring you a little closer. If you can get to see them, there are currently 2 at Edinburgh Zoo in the UK, I recommend it. They are extremely cute and look so fluffy in real life, you just want to cuddle them. The ones I got to see were playful and playing with an ice cube because it was a hot day, at one point they were also posing for the camera! Pandas are my sisters favourite animal, so for her this was an incredible opportunity and her dream came true to see them in real life.

Below are the some of the photos I captured when I got to see them, there are about 100 more photos of the pandas I saw on my camera, so if you would like to see more, just let me know. Enjoy!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Favourite Advert Of All Time

Hi All,

This is a question I am always asked, so I thought I would share my favourite advert of all time with you. This is an incredibly hard choice as there so many brilliant adverts and campaigns out there, especially at the moment.

After much deliberation I have decided and I actually have two, one is a TV advert and the other is a Viral Video. If you haven't seen these adverts before then I highly recommend you watching them in the links below.

Honda- The Cog
This advert by Honda has always been one of my favourites. I remember the first time I watched this advert and I was amazed by it. The advert was released in 2003, making me only 11, but I still remember seeing it and being fascinated by how clever it was. The concept it based on a Rube Goldberg machine which includes various car parts with them all connecting and linking together, showing the process of how a Honda is built. The advert flows so well and you are entranced right until the very end. Whoever came up with this idea is a genius and the thought process behind each movement must have been huge. The campaign itself was very successful and was broadcast on TV and in Cinemas. Cinema advertising is my all-time favourite type of advertising but I will talk about this in a later blog. I believe this advert is a classic, and whenever anyone asks me what my favourite advert is, I will always respond with this. The music at the end of the advert also makes it for me, as it is the only music throughout; it really stands out and tops it off perfectly. Watch it below.

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Posted: Jul 29, 2009

Dove- Evolution
My other favourite advert is Dove's Evolution Viral Video. I was introduced to this video during University by one of my lecturers as they recommending watching it and I thought it was amazing. The message of this advert is so strong and so cleverly put together, it really sticks in your mind. The campaign shows the photoshop altering of a women's face before and after it is retouched as it is for magazines and TV in todays society. This message is such a controversial and talked about subject and Dove have handled it really well, making you question society and indeed, beauty. The last line of this advert reads 'No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted.' As someone who regularly uses photoshop it is incredible to see the difference it can make to everyday images and faces. The sheer speed of the video and how quickly it changes amazes me. As well as the Evolution advert, Dove have also produced another more recent campaign in which others see your beauty even when you don't by the use of sketches. It has more views in total than both of the adverts I have shown you today and was understandably widely successful. This advert is truly touching and I will leave a link below if you want to check it out. 

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Posted: Oct 6, 2006

So there you have it, my favourite adverts of all time for you. The two adverts I have chosen haven't been picked because they are necessary the best quality, biggest production value or funniest; I have chosen the adverts which have stuck in my mind over the years and that I find myself going back to YouTube to watch over and over again. Those are the successful adverts in my mind, the ones that still have the reach even when the campaign is over. 

If you liked these adverts or have favourites of your own leave them in the comments section below or Tweet me. 

Click HERE to see the other Dove- 'Beauty Sketches' video I talked about earlier.

Cya x

Monday, 9 September 2013

My Top Ad's Of The Week

Now, because I only started this blog on Saturday, this is effectively last weeks top Adverts. Normally my blog posts like these will be posted on Fridays to sum up the week, but today it's a bit different. I personally love viral videos, I believe they can be so powerful and their reach can be extraordinary. I will share both viral videos and adverts with you as I think a viral video done well can have as much influence as any advert could.

LG Ultra Reality
The first video which caught my eye this week was LG's Ultra Reality meteor prank. I found this video so entertaining and hilarious I shared it around the office and with my Twitter followers. If you haven't seen the video yet, check it out below, a very clever way to advertise the new product. I can't imagine what was going through people's minds when it was happening! There is a lot of hype about this video being a set up, but either way LG have pulled it off as everyone is talking about it.

Views: 7,468,523
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Published: Sept 3, 2013

Guinness- Made Of More
The next advert which was brought to my attention was Guinness' 'Made of More' which features men in wheelchairs playing basketball. I actually found this through a link via Twitter on Friday and when I watched it, it has around 100,000 views. Today it has 3,687,743 views, showing the sheer power the internet can have. This advert has a very heartfelt and touching message that really sums up the last line of the advert 'Made Of More.' The advert itself is quite basic and very simple, but that's what makes it so great, it's all about the message, no gimmicks or fancy lights, just the important and underlying message. The music in the background- 'To Build A Home' is also one of my favourite songs. Definitely worth a watch and share.

Views: 3,687,743
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Published: Sept 3, 2013

Nike- Possibilities
I actually saw the shortened version of this advert for the first time on TV last night and decided to go to YouTube to find the longer version. Again, this is a powerful advert with a strong message of your possibilities running through it. The way this advert blends and is put together is brilliant and it does make you think you could be doing more with your potential. Spot the famous faces in here too! Check it out below.

Views: 10,367,690
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Published: Aug 21, 2013

Twerk Fail
Now this is a funny one. This viral video has been circling my social channels constantly! I first found this video via Twitter and went on Facebook a minute later and it will over my Timeline. The video features a girl recording herself doing the latest dance craze 'Twerking' but ultimately failing in the most unfortunate way. I do not know if this video is real or fake but it is hilarious either way and definitely worth a watch!

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Posted: Sept 3, 2013

So that's it, my Top Ads/Virals of the week. Hope you enjoyed them! Let me know what your favourites were and if you have any great Ad's you've seen this week, share them with me.

Cya x

Saturday, 7 September 2013


I have very recently just come back from Thailand and thought I would share the experience with you. It was an incredible holiday and I would recommend it to anyone. At first I was sceptical due to films such as the Hangover 2 showing Thailand as this crazy place, but it honestly wasn't like that at all. I stayed in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Koi Samui. Each place was very different and very beautiful.

Bangkok is very very busy, worse than London! I stayed in the heart of Bangkok for 3 nights and although busy it had some beautiful sights. My favourite parts of Bangkok were the temples. Thailand has many temples, but its most popular and luxurious is the Grand Palace in Bangkok and this did not disappoint. A breathtakingly beautiful temple that is a must see.

Chiang Mai
The next place I stayed was Chiang Mai, I was here for 4 nights and this was completely opposite to Bangkok. Chiang Mai was a lot more rural as you were in the mountains and the forest. Chiang Mai was probably my favourite place in Thailand as there was so much to do. Here I did a variety of activities such as riding elephants, visiting a village where the people had the stretching rings around their neck, getting a cage with tigers, zip wiring 300m 60 ft in the air, jungle trekking, abseiling and visiting the zoo. As well as the activities in the day Chiang Mai came alive at night and there were a variety of night markets which sold everything you can think of at low prices if you bartered right. Below are some photos taken of my time in Chiang Mai.

Koi Samui
The final place I stayed was Koi Samui and I was here for a week. This again is a completely different side to Thailand as it is on an island and extremely relaxing. I stayed in a spa resort here which had it's own private beach, spa, infinity pool and to top it off my own Jacuzzi on my balcony. The shopping and town comes alive at night and the bars and restaurants are very good in the central villages. Lamai in particular is a great place to go at night and on Sundays they have a great night market. The beaches here are beautiful and it was the perfect way to top off a fantastic and once in a lifetime holiday.

If you have any questions about Thailand feel free to ask.

Cya x

25 Things About Me

As many bloggers do, I am going to start off by doing a 25 things about me list so you can get to know me a bit better.

  1. My favourite colour is purple
  2. I'm a vegetarian
  3. I have a pet dog called Daisy
  4. I don't like hot or fizzy drinks
  5. I love to travel and have just recently come back from Thailand
  6. I was a gymnast for 14 years and have won several awards
  7. I was given the nickname 'smiles' by a previous boss
  8. I can legally use the letters CERT DMP after my name
  9. My hair has been blonde, dark brown, light brown and is now dip dyed
  10. I have had surgery 5 times
  11. I will always have my nails painted
  12. My favourite takeaway is Chinese
  13. I have a phobia of deer
  14. I am fully trained in how to fit a child's carseat
  15. I will spent hours looking through YouTube videos
  16. The best book I have read is Jodi Picoult- Nineteen Minutes
  17. I have an obsession with penguins
  18. My hair is so long it almost reaches my hips now
  19. I have moved house 5 times
  20. Growing up I was part of a band called Golden Phenix
  21. My perfect date would be going to the zoo
  22. I spent 7 months making a scrapbook of my sisters life for her 18th birthday present
  23. I have never broken a bone in my body
  24. I have a real passion for photography
  25. Christmas is my favourite time of year
So that's it, 25 things about me you never knew, but now do!

Cya x

Friday, 6 September 2013


Hello my name is Charlotte and this is my very first blog post. I will be blogging all things Advertising, Lifestyle,Beauty and Travel related. Just coming out of University I feel I need a place to express all my views and opinions and a blog seems like a perfect place to do this.

I am going to try and post blogs on Mondays & Thursdays.

I am very new to this so bear with me until I get the hang of it! I'm very excited to meet all you lovely bloggers and get started in this world!

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