Thursday, 3 October 2013

Lypsso Beauty Launch

On Sunday, I was invited to a Beauty Launch in Farringdon, London. The launch was set up by Lypsso, check them out HERE. I went with my friend Oula who is a fashion recruiter and loves anything beauty related and I went as a blogger. Being a blogger I got many special treats including a complementary facial, make up done by a make up artist, free goodie bags and endless champagne. Not bad for a Sunday! I will be talking about this further below and including photos I snapped of the event. I love going to events like these and can't wait to go to more in the future. If you would like to go to one yourself, they are regularly held, especially in London so check out Lypsso and keep yourself updated as to when events like these are happening. Enjoy! x

The event was really good, lots of stands showcasing new products for the skin and new make up ranges. The make up which I had applied to me was the Benecos range and was vegan friendly and strictly not tested on animals, so I was very excited to try it. To match my outfit the make up artist chose a smokey eye effect for me. I love having my make up done, and it looked fantastic in the end. It was a shame I had to go home after! The products, especially the powder was very light on my face, which I like and the eyes looked great. Below is Oula having her make up done and the after shot. 

The facial I received was by a new brand 'Jason,' the products were lovely and light and had a very refreshing and fruity scent to them. I received the facial prior to the make up, which slightly ruined it as after being refreshed I was clogging my skin with make up, but it was the only way to try the new products. Facials are so good for the skin, and I always mean to have more of them so was very excited and happy I got to get one at this event. The products were lovely and I would definitely use them again.

We were advised to take before and after shots using the professional photographers there and the difference was incredible, I always find it fascinated how different someone can look with and without make up. The photos below are of Oula, she similarly had her make up matched to her outfit. She went with a heavy eye with blue shades to match her blazer. She too was very pleased with the outcome and thought it was a great way to showcase the new products. The before and after photos were also a great idea, to show how powerful the make up is and the effects it can have.


All in all it was a good day, I got to test a lot of new products and meet some great people. As well as this I came away with 2 goodie bags with lots of lovely products in them to take away and try at home. I love going to beauty events and getting a chance to look at all the new products, and I think it's a great way to get a new brand out there. They are very popular events, and the majority are free, so I would recommend this to any beauty lover or new or struggling brand.

Cya x


  1. This sounds like you had an amazing time. I live so far from London (or any other major city) so I can't see myself attending one of these any time soon. I'm glad you had fun! :)


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